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STS is an expert group that specializes in operations in the semiconductor process. We will organize a team to meet your requirements and ready to meet the various needs of our customers.






In Newly establishment, Extension, Improvement of Semiconductor factory

  1. Technical support for Conceptual design of factory
  2. Design and support for process flow
  3. Alternation, improvement and support for device for selecting, work of examination
  4. Design and support for UTILITY and FACILITY
  5. Design, provide and support for supply facility
  6. Support for condition design for start up a factory, optimization
  7. Support for automation, conception design
  8. Improvement of the manufacturing yield and productivity, contribute to cost reduction
  9. Quality assurance, quality control, support for analysis of various problems

Sales Business

Sales business of Silicon ingot and Silicon wafer An ingot and a wafer are being treated variously. We are correspond to customer’s request and specification.

1. Silicon ingot lineup
  • Growth method:MCz, Cz, Fz, Fz(NTD), Cz(NTD)
  • Diameter:4,5,6,8,12inch
  • Dopant:Boron, Phos, Sb, As, Red-phos
  • Crystal orientation:<100>, <111>
  • Resistivity:Conference
  • Oxygen concentration:Conference
  • Carbon concentration:≦2E10atoms/cm3, Conference
  • Crystal characteristic:Low-COP, COP-free, IG, Conference
2. Silicon wafer lineup
  • Polished wafer
  • Epitaxial wafer
  • Anneal wafer
  • Lapped wafer
  • Etched wafer


  1. Proxy, agency and support for materials which supplied by the vender
  2. Proxy, agency and support for tryout of device.
  3. Investigate of Auxiliary material support, trustee.
  4. Manpower dispatching


About semiconductor, MEMS, SILICON INGOT, WAFER, FILM, EPI

  1. Development device and tool(jig)
  2. PROCESS development
  3. Development of production management system
  4. Development of materials and supplies for wafer (such as polishing, detergent)
Company Information

EstablishedNovember 22, 2017
FoundedJanuary 1, 2018
Capital8 million yen
Main Business
  • Consulting
  • Sales business
  • Proxy and agency
  • Research & Development
PresidentKatsumi Chizui
Head OfficeSakae daiichi BLDG.7F 5-50-6 Higashi ikebukuro,
Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0013, JAPAN
Contact Information
  • TEL:03-6915-2703
  • FAX:03-6915-2732

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  Our company established in November 2017, as expertise consulting company with five division, process design, environmental design supervision (facility, utility), equipment management, maintenance, quality control, manufacturing management of the silicon wafer mast frequently used in the semiconductor industry.

Today, our consultants are contributing to the success of the semiconductor through the systematization which can be offered to a customer as consulting in all manufacturing process including design, management, analysis and analysis at semiconductor factories of customers which supported from the root of manufacturing such as manufacture management and quality control as well as technology and a skill.

And MEMS is indispensable device for dissemination of recent automation, AI, IOT etc.

We are actively developing new materials, new functions and new devices, including
development of silicon wafers for MEMS will continue to contribute to the next generation society through these manufacturing activities.

We will provide you with the power with work together to solve customer’s problems, in order to respond various demands in the semiconductor business, under the spirit of healthy mind,serious effort and high technology acquisition.

Thank you very much for your continued guidance and support so that we can continue to do so.

代表取締役社長 千津井 勝己



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